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Sports and Leisure Facility Fließ

Dorf 180a, 6521 Fließ, A
Architecture: AllesWirdGut (2019-2021) Builder-owner: Gemeinde Fliess Open to the public: yes Accessibility: from the village centre towards the west (approx. 15 min walk) The facility was built with the help of the population; about 15,000 hours were spent by association members and volunteers free of charge.

The municipality of Fliess has been trying for several years to counteract the threat of migration. After a multifunctional village centre, the sports and leisure facility is another building block to encourage young people to stay in the village. Based on the topography, the architects placed several horizontally layered levels on, over and against the edge of the hillside: including a clubhouse, a sauna structure by the outdoor pool and a cantilevered deck along the main football field.

© tschinkersten fotografie

Restructuring of the Maria-Theresien-Straße

Maria-Theresien-Straße, 6020 Innsbruck, A
Architecture: AllesWirdGut (2008-2009) Builder-owner: Stadt Innsbruck

With the objective of doing Innsbruck’s important boulevard justice in terms of design, a project, won by AllesWirdGut, was put up for tender in 2006. With a carpet-like design for the road surface made up of four different types of granite, furnishing made of brass and a differentiated lighting concept, the architects created a location full of atmosphere, which at the same time is a street and a square.

© AllesWirdGut

KIZ Kirchenzentrum (Church Centre)

Marktstraße 24, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, A
Architecture: AllesWirdGut (2003-2004) Builder-owner: Pfarramt St. Anton

AllesWirdGut constructed a church for the St. Anton Vicarage, with living accommodation for the minister and his guests, a parish office, a leisure room for local youths and, sleeping accommodation for those who would like to take a rest whilst on a pilgrimage along the "Way of St. James” to Santiago de Compostela. By making use of the slope facing towards the south and the spatial possibilities provided by a steep gable ended roof, it was possible to accommodate all functions in a compact four storey building.

© Hertha Hurnaus

Nursery School

Auweg 10, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, A
Architecture: AllesWirdGut (2003-2004) Builder-owner: Gemeinde St. Anton In 2004 the nursery school was awarded a "Distinction of the State of Tyrol for New Buildings”.

Such as the Church Centre constructed by AllesWirdGut, the nursery school also forms an artistic unit in accordance with town planning ideas. The building is situated at the northeast edge of the plot, thus at a distance from the busy road. Large windows and a saw-tooth roof allow light to flood the inside of the building, which, right down to the very last detail, is adapted to suit children. In 2016, the kindergarten was expanded with a one-storey wooden building (architecture: Karl Gitterle).

© Hertha Hurnaus

DOZ – Dorfzentrum (Village Centre)

Dorf 87, 6521 Fließ, A
Architecture: AllesWirdGut (2000-2001) Builder-owner: Gemeinde Fliess Open to the public: partially TIP: Archaeological Documentation Centre Via Claudia Augusta in the village centre.

At a sensitive building plot very close to the church, cemetery and vicarage, the village centre forms, due to its independent architectural "language”, a new profane centre. The angular crystalline free-standing building, with its shape being determined by height, spacing regulations and mix of functions, contains variable and combinable open rooms at staggered levels – among others the tourist information office and a café.

© Hertha Hurnaus