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new building in tyrol 2014 - a tour to the award-winning projects

Since 1996, the regional government’s culture department, cooperating with the architects’ branch of the Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the Tyrolean branch of the Zentralverband, a voluntary association of Austrian architects, and aut. architektur und tirol , every other year awards prizes for distinguished new buildings in Tyrol that are outstanding examples of meeting contemporary architectural challenges both esthetically and functionally, with special regard for innovation.

The tour leads to the two projects that were awarded prizes in 2014 – the Festival House of the Tyrolean Festival Erl and the House for Children in Inzing – as well as to the two special recognition prize sites: the Expansion and Renovation of the Kufstein BG and BRG and the St. Nikolaus Community Cultural Center, Ischgl.

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a tour to 4 buildings

Festspielhaus (Festival House) of the Tyrolean Festival Erl

Mühlgraben 56, 6343 Erl, A
Architecture: DMAA (2010-2012) Builder-owner: Festspielhaus Erl In summer and winter the house serves as the performance venue of the Tyrolean Festival Erl, which is directed by Gustav Kuhn.

Conceived in its form and materiality as a conscious contrast, a new building of the Tyrolean Festival Erl was erected next to the Passionsspielhaus (Passion Festival House) built by Robert Schuller. Clearly offset from the white circular structure, the architects placed a dark building whose sharp-edged geometry was developed from the surrounding topography. Fluid spatial sequences with varying visual relationships to the outdoor space lead the visitor up to the concert hall situated in the center of the building.

© Brigida González

Expansion and Renovation of the Kufstein BG and BRG

Schillerstraße 2, 6330 Kufstein, A
Architecture: Johannes Wiesflecker (2011-2013) Builder-owner: BIG In 2014 the School was awarded a "Distinction of the State of Tyrol for New Buildings”.

There are two conditions that make the annex building architectonically remarkable, regardless of its utilization: the functional involvement of Art in Construction (a powerful concrete relief by Karl-Heinz Klopf) in the architectonic concept and the creation of space through the static structure. A high, spacious hall, spatially structured on different levels by a huge exposed concrete truss, opens up in the basement between the old and new gymnasium.

© David Schreyer

House for Children and Village Square

Kirchgasse, 6401 Inzing, A
Architecture: Architekten Scharfetter_Rier (2013-2014) Builder-owner: Gemeinde Inzing Open to the public: Partially (village café) Accessibility: Directly in the village center The building, which maintains a dialogue with the village hall and nursery school (architecture: Erich Gutmorgeth, 1998), was awarded a "Distinction of the State of Tyrol for New Buildings” in 2014.

In order to meet the need for child care places, the community wished for an annex building near the existing nursery school – with a small village café and able to be used multi-functionally by clubs. Designed by Martin Scharfetter and Robert Rier, the new "House for Children” calmly complements the existing building structure – church, parish house and town hall with a nursery school –, scales itself back, places itself on display, forms a lane and opens this up to the newly created village square.

© David Schreyer

St. Nikolaus Community Cultural Center

Kirchenweg 9, 6561 Ischgl, A
Architecture: parc architekten (2013) Builder-owner: Gemeinde Ischgl In 2014 the Community Cultural Center was awarded a "Distinction of the State of Tyrol for New Buildings”.

A place designed exclusively for the locals and their extremely active club life – the St. Nikolaus Community Cultural Center – emerged in the "tourist metropolis” of Ischgl. The defining element is an accessible roof landscape under which large parts of the cubature – such as the band rehearsal room edged into the slope as a wooden box – disappear. Together with a "parlor” available to all the clubs, the new music pavilion and a ramp with seating steps, a new village square has opened up.

© Karl Heinz