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Boutique Hotel Rattenberg

Südtirolerstraße 45, 6240 Rattenberg, A
Architecture: Wurzer Nagel, Doris Dockner (2020-2021) Builder-owner: Partoll Invest GmbH Open to the public: partially TIP: Take the panoramic lift in the revitalised "Malerwinkel" up to the castle hill or walk up the stairs across the sexton's house from the old town to the parish church.

The transformation of a historic town house into a boutique hotel is the latest example of the urban renewal process in Rattenberg that started in 2003. In the course of this process, several houses in the old town, which is protected as an ensemble, have been revitalised and vacancies filled with new life. With respect towards the heritage listed building, the very narrow house was renovated from the core up and supplemented with contemporary structures where necessary.

© Jean-Stéphane Mus

Extension of the Rattenberg Secondary Modern School

Klostergasse 63, 6240 Rattenberg, A
Architecture: Architekt Daniel Fügenschuh ZT GmbH (2010-2011) Builder-owner: Rattenberger Immobilien GmbH Accessibility: directly in the historic old town of Rattenberg TIP: The Augustinian Museum is housed in parts of the monastery; the attic and the historic steeple of the monastery church are accessible.

The Rattenberg Secondary Modern School has been located in sections of the Augustinian Monastery since the 1970s. With the annex building, Daniel Fügenschuh complemented the monastery complex with a new side arm. In its structure and materiality, the slender, vertical building orientates itself to the surrounding development and integrates into the small-scaled city structure of Rattenberg.

© Christian Flatscher