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Cultural Center Sillian

Sillian 86a, 9920 Sillian, A
Architecture: Machné Architekten (2007) Builder-owner: TIGEWOSI, Gemeinde Sillian Open to the public: partially

Built on a lot opposite the town hall, the Cultural Center consists of a monolithic, formally independent structure that creates an identification point in the heterogeneously developed community. Sitting above a pervious ground floor is a protruding, closed upper floor with a multifunctional event hall that is shaped in such a way that the large volume does not appear in its full height from the street side.

© Paul Ott

Hotel Pension Perfler

Sillian 166, 9920 Sillian, A
Architecture: Peter Jungmann (2004) Builder-owner: Michaela Strieder, Peter Lubeley The tourism building was distinguished at the 2005 BTV Building-Owner-Awards-Tyrol.

The small family owned boarding house in Sillian was converted and extended by the architect Peter Jungmann. The original building’s ground floor was opened as a dining room and fireplace-lobby, a terrace facing towards the south was added. The flat extension building with eight hotel rooms was completed using local building materials and furnished with harmonious materials and detail.

© Wolfgang Retter