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MPREIS Weerberg

Mitterberg 3, 6133 Weerberg, A
Architecture: Silvia Boday (2012) Builder-owner: MPREIS Open to the public: during business hours This MPREIS, incidentally, is the first of over 200 supermarkets that was planned alone by a female architect.

In the rural context of the widely spread out community of Weerberg, an MPREIS supermarket was erected on a green meadow as a low budget project. The supermarket with a café consists of a plain structure with folded out corners that owe their effect to the raw charm of the materials used: industrial composite lumber for the roof, a steel construction braced with reinforced concrete slabs and a translucent polycarbonate that changes from smooth to gleaming, depending on the weather and light conditions, and lets the structure appear to be diversely pervious.

© Lukas Schaller