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Bundesschulzentrum Wörgl (Federal School Centre)

Innsbruckerstraße 34, 6300 Wörgl, A
Architecture: Peter Märkli, Gody Kühnis (2001-2003) Builder-owner: BIG Open to the public: partially

In 1973, Viktor Hufnagl, an architect from Vienna, constructed a hall-school, which at the time was a revolutionary concept, hence, an experimental building for the prefabrication of schools. Due to problems with the building’s structural design it was necessary to redevelop the school complex. The redevelopment carried out by Peter Märkli and Gody Kühnis preserves the old building’s room and material qualities, reinterprets its character and modifies it with use of contemporary means.

© Günter R. Wett

MPREIS Wörgl Ost

Salzburger Straße 29, 6300 Wörgl, A
Architecture: Tatanka (2002) Builder-owner: MPREIS Open to the public: during opening hours Accessibility: East of the town centre on the motorway approach road.

At the east border of Wörgl in an almost American "strip-situation” is one of Tyrol’s largest MPREIS supermarkets. In the heterogeneous (still growing) development area, Pöschl placed a bridge type building on five cylinders at right angles to the road. On the west side of the building a concave screen shade reaches out from the protruding roof across almost the complete height of the building. The space in between provides room for the fitness centre on the top floor.

© Paul Ott